About Hamilton Chess Club


In September 2017, through a private donation, we were able to create the first Chess Club at Hamilton School.  Our 5th grade teacher, Davy Dijoux, has opened his classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to all 4th and 5th graders interested in learning and playing Chess.  Jay Ferguson volunteers on most days and is spearheading the teaching of strategy to the students.  He thoroughly enjoys playing with the kids and seeing their eyes light up as they learn new moves!


In addition, we began a chess program in the HAWK center for all participants on Fridays from 3:00-5:00, taught by Jean Glasser and Jorg Westerheide.


The 4th and 5th grade chess club has a core group of 20 that plays 3 times a week.  They are working hard to play everyone in the club (including the teachers).  Once this has been completed we are looking forward to creating a tournament within the school.  Jay Ferguson is looking into tournaments for a few of our seasoned players outside of Hamilton in the spring.


Through the above mentioned donation and the generosity of Chess4life we were also able to host a visit from Elliott Neff, the CEO of Chess4life and obtain the licensing necessary to provide the Chess4life teaching curriculum and student access.


Elliott Neff is from Seattle, Washington and is a National Chess Master.  He is also Phiona Mutesi’s (Queen of Katwe) coach.  He coached her in the Chess Olympiad in Azerbaijan and is now the coach of her team at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington.





We need more help.  If you are interested in playing chess, even if your knowledge is limited, please come join us.  The students would love to see some new faces!   


Call Us: 1-415-305-1125  /  info@riseforthekids.org /  26 Wildwood Way, San Rafael, CA  94901