December 13, 2017 Email


Good morning mentors!!


In an effort not to bombard you with emails, I have included several very important items in this email, so please read all the way through.


Welcome New Mentors

We had a very successful mentor recruitment and over the course of the next month will have 30 new mentors matched and meeting weekly with our students at Hamilton.  These 30 new mentors are as amazing as you all are and we are so blessed to have them join us!!  15 of those are starting this week, so if you see someone you don't recognize, please introduce yourself and offer your help if needed!!


Mentor/Mentee Christmas Party, Wednesday, December 20th 1:50-3:15

Sabrina Miller and her volunteers have put together another amazing Christmas party this year for you and your mentee.  They will have crafts, games, and lots of yummy food, so try and make it happen!  If you can help, or have any questions, please email Sabrina at  


Mentoring continues next week - Christmas break at Hamilton December 25-January 5

School is in session next week and therefore we will have mentoring all week.  If your time is Wednesday after school, your mentor session will be the party!  We will return to mentoring on Monday, January 8th.


Giving Tree Party this Saturday needs help - December 16th

This Saturday there is a Christmas party at Hamilton for families at the school.  It is a potluck and gifts are given to the children.  They need some help serving lunch from 12pm-2pm if you are available.  They also need a few more salads and sides.  Please contact Chris Nelson if you can help:


Gifting during the holidays

Just a reminder to be thoughtful when/if purchasing gifts for your mentee.  While $50 may not seem like a lot to you it is often way over the budget a family may have for a gift for their child.  We would never want to outshine our mentees' parents.  In addition, our desire is for this program to be about relationships and not gifting.  If one mentor is a big gifter, the kids talk and others feel envious and often will ask mentors for gifts.  This is not the desired effect of our program.  This is not to say that you cannot purchase a gift for your mentee, just please make it appropriate given the situation.  One idea to reset your students expectations is to remind them that whatever there beliefs, this season is about love and in my experience the kids enjoy expressing that love by making cards or gifts for their parents, teachers, siblings, etc.  We have plenty of card making supplies in the art cabinet. If they (or you) are not crafty, just talking about how they can express their feelings to loved ones is wonderful.


Upcoming opportunities

All sorts of exciting things are happening at Hamilton School.  Please let us know if you are interested in attending or helping with any of them:


Hamilton Fundraiser February 10, 2018 Please save this date.  Last year we had a tremendous turn out and fun was had by all.  It is a great opportunity to mingle with the Hamilton community. We were also able to raise enough money to purchase the two beautiful vans that are in the parking lot.  The vans have been incredible for the school.  They have been used to take kids to the Cross Country meets, Soccer games, and field trips to name a few.  The vans have provided the means to be able to implement programs that are so necessary in creating equity in the lives of our children.  This year's event will be held at Peacock Gap Country Club in San Rafael.  I will send out a more detailed message soon with the invitation.  If you are interested in purchasing a table and inviting friends, that would be amazing!!  Please email Michele with any questions.


Classroom aides  Hamilton is looking for a couple of instructional aides to work 3.5 hours a day in grades 3-8.  

Please email Steve Hospodar at if you are interested in applying for this paid position.


Chess Club We have started a chess club on M,W,F at lunch (12:55-1:40) and after school in the HAWK Center on Fridays from 3:00-4:45.  Jay Ferguson, Jean Glasser, and Jorg Westerheide have been so gracious with their time and energy helping get this club off the ground.  While we work on fine tuning the current club we are also looking forward to next year and growing the program to support all grades.  If you have any interest in helping or you know of anyone that has a passion for Chess, please email Michele at


Mathletes  We are looking at the possibility of starting a Mathletes club for 7th and 8th grade students for the next academic year.  If you are good at middle school math and would like to help or know of anyone, please email Michele at


Basketball  Basketball is starting and Andrew Strawbridge is looking for one or two more coaches for the girls teams.  If you are interested, please email Andrew at


HAWK center help  Lorraine would love some help in the HAWK center.  The HAWK center is part of the Mentor program and is open to all kids that have mentors and all kids on the waitlist.  We would love to find a few people that can take the kids in groups outside and organize athletic play.  It could be anything really.  The kids in the HAWK center come from a whole day of school and need to have some type of athletic outlet in order to sit still.  If you are interested, the HAWK center is open M,T,Th,F from 3:00-5:00 and 2:00-4:00 on Wednesday.  If your skills lie more in the academic arena, we are also always looking for people to help the kiddos with their homework and enrichment as well.  Please email or call Michele (415)305-1125


Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing team of mentors.  I cannot tell you how grateful Tammy, myself, the administration and faculty are for your continued support in creating equity in the lives of the children at Hamilton.  We feel blessed to be a part of your lives.


Please always feel free to reach out to us either via email or phone as follows:

Michele Huff 415-305-1125 email:

Tammy Pedersen 415-720-9904 email:


Have a wonderful Christmas.


Much love,

Michele and Tammy

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