You are amazing!

The saying, "It takes a village", rings so clearly in our goal to make a difference at Hamilton School.  In our case it is "It takes a County!" From the very beginning when we were recruiting mentors and throughout this adventure we have relied on the most inspiring, generous, and compassionate people of Marin County. Every time we have asked, you have come through.  The desire to make a difference in your community is evident in your actions and in your donations. We appreciate each and everyone of you and are so grateful that you are willing to contribute your time and resources to making a difference for the kids at Hamilton School.

Cindi Abraham

Cassie Alciati

Judy Alciati

Sandy and Darr Aley

Alicia Allbin

Mary Altshuler

Heather Amador

Susan Anello

Al Angulo

Tina Antunes

Jo Banvard

Leslie Barden Smith

Beth Bardo

Harland Bartholomew

Beth and Peter Batchelder

Linda Bates

Norine Bell

Vicki Bell

Wendy Benedict

Leslie Benjamin

Lisa Bernardi

KarenB loom

Linda Boggeri

John Bonney

Ron Boose

Renee Bracken

Jill Bredow

Rebecca Brinskele

Mary Jane Burke

Debbie Butler

Lori and Phil Byer

Wendy Calcaterra

Cyndee Cannon

Sally Carbonaro

Joan Carlson

Damaris Caro

Katie Carr

Christy Carroll

Amie Carter

Liza Castaneda Purtell

Veronica Champion

Christine Chevoya

Julie Childers

David Christianson

Annie and David Christianson

Jock and Suzanne Christie

Mark and Mary Churchill

Elizabeth Claverie

Nina Cobb

Susan Cohen

Susan Conroy

Barbara Contini

Kris Cosca

Linda Crivello

Jennifer De la Fonteijne

Joni DeGabrielle

Melissa Diaz

Agnes Dickow

Suzi Dillon

Hilary Dillon

Jeff Dobkins

Tina Dominguez

Suzette Donnelly

Lane Dooling

Rachel Dougherty

Caroline Dowd

Paul Dyson

Bree Eaton

Debbie Epidendio

Julie Everson

Germana Fabbri

Becky Farrell

Karla Farrell

Katrina and Chris Fehring

Mitch and Liz Feingold

Jay and Judy Ferguson

Jonathan Ferrer

Becky Finkbeiner

Steve and Patty Fleischmann

Sarah Foley

David and Cheryl Ford

Joan Forman

Melissa Fortney

Julia Freeman

Laurie Friedman

Josh Fryday

Donna Galli

Jenn Gammon

Alexandra Gangle

Beatriz Garcia

Barry Garnett

Alexandra Garza

Joan Gavney

Shevon Gee

Alex Geyer

Kelley Gilmore

Marcy Ginsburg

Jeanine Glasser

Barbara Gobar

Nancy Goff

Celia Golden

Nikki Gothelf

Stacie Grant

Nanci and Garrett Grialou

Diane Grialou

Chuck Grieve

Kira Haas

Colette Hall

Sophia and Tad Hall

Kristie Hansen-Kemp

Amber Hatfield

Teri and Brian Hauswirth

Linda Henn

Sonia Heredia

Bob and Lisa Hess

Ruha Heydari

Patti Hickle

Marianne Hill

Cameron Hinshaw

Laura and Mike Hislop

Kate and Jens Hoj

Tricia Horan

Steve and Kim Hospodar

Jackie Howard

Lisa and Rob Hoye

Michele and George Huff

Lauren Huff

Samantha Huff

Susan Huffman

Helen Hughes

Chris and Susan Hunt

Catherine Hunter

Kate Ibarra

Sachi Itagaki

Tami Jackson

AnneJ akiemiec

Don Jen

Nancy Jenks

Susan Johnson

David Jones

Kay Jones

Michelle Jones

Annie Kameyo

Brian and Stacey Kaplan

Kris Keeler

Debbie Keith

Rudy and Meg Keller

Jim Kilgariff

Danielle Kilgore

Kim Kisner

Courtney Klinge

Carolyn Kohler

Jennifer and Ken Kroner

Julie Kuo

Mary Lamb

Traci Lanier

Deanne LaRue


Susan Lauer

Modupe Lawani

Garry Lawler

Jennifer Lawler

Ron Leach

Kathy Lese

Elsa Leung

Ralph Lewin

Kailey Lewis

Joy Little

Nina Lococo

Rodney and Kristi Loo

Lisa Lord

Mel and Ron Lovetri

Cara and Matt Lowe

Annie Lowengart

Carl Lundgren

Sarah Lundgren

Brenda MacLean

Karla Mahar

Chris Mancini

Sharon Marino

Liz Marks

Julie Martel

Larry and Marilu Mazzotta

Gail McCallister

Cherie McCoy

Peggy Mcgill

Krista McKeague

Brian and Diane McKone

John Meisenbach

Sabrina Miller

Tom and Susan Monahan

Susan Mozayani

Morgan Mutscheller

Nalani Nahinu

Elliott Neff

Chris Nelson

Brigit Nevin

Mike and Kathy Nolan

Jolenne O'meara

John Ordway

Lesleigh Ordway

Catherine Pace

Gail Patterson

Lisa Pavlosky

Tammy and Ken Pedersen

Catherine Pedneault

Vanessa Persek

Shoshana Peters

Michelle Petersen

Marcie and Bobby Phares

Toni Porter

Patty Ravetti

Wendy Remer

Ana Cristina Resende

Ashton Richards

Robbie Richter

Donna Robbins

Sarnia Robson

Astra Rodrigues

Barbara Rowe

Gustavo Ruano

Marianella Ruffinelli

Suzanne Rush

Andrea and Semi Salmi

Phil Schulz

Barbie Sewing

Mary Shimmin

Sheri and Howard Shultz

Shari Silverman

Jennifer and Sam Skinner

Sheryl Smith

Larry Smith

Mike and Beth Smylie

Betsy Snyder

Jonathan and Devony Sonett

Andrea Srivastava

Abbie St. Marie

Mark Stahl

Shannon Stalone

Susan and Scott Steinmetz

Laura Suski

Ricki and Ray Syufy

Judit Sztaray

Abel Talamantez

JudgeT aylor

Art Thomas

Mike and Carol Thomas

Jeanine Thompson

Dennis Thompson

Lindsey Toomajian

Suzanne Trainor

Alexandra Treene

Michelle Ugarte

Gerson Urrutia

Betsy Ussery

Monique Viola

Tracey Vuong

Nancy Walker

Bob and Lisa Wallace

Monique Webster

Ellyn Weisel

Cynthia Weldon

Jorg and Linda Westerheide

Susan Whittom

Amy and Kirby Wilcox

Eric Wilcox

Tammy and Shannon Williams

Michael Williamson

Sabrina Wilson

Adrienne Wilson

Lisa Winkler

Lisa Wise

Betsy Zimmermann

Sponsor organizations

We could not do it without these organizations, that have come alongside us to support the work at Hamilton School.


Partnerships and Sponsors