You are amazing!

The saying, "It takes a village", rings so clearly in our goal to make a difference at Hamilton School.  In our case it is "It takes a County!".  From the very beginning when we were recruiting mentors and throughout this adventure we have relied on the most inspiring, generous, and compassionate people of Marin County.  Every time we have asked, you have come through.  The desire to right this wrong is evident in your actions and in your donations.  We appreciate each and everyone of you and are so grateful that you are willing to contribute your time and resources to making a difference for the kids at Hamilton School.

Cassie Alciati

Sandy Aley

Mary Altshuler

Heather Amador

Al Angulo

Beth Bardo

Harland Bartholomew

Beth and Peter Batchelder

Linda Bates

JIll Bredow

Rebecca Brinskele

Christine Chevoya

Elizabeth Claverie

Jennifer de la Fonteijne

Joni Degabriele

Suzi Dillon

Jeff Dobkins

Caroline Dowd

Rachel Dougherty

Debbie Epidendio

Becky Farrell

Liz Feingold

Jay Ferguson

Patty and Steve Fleischman

Cheryl Ford

Joan Forman

Donna Galli

Jen Gammon

Barry Garnett

Marcy Ginsburg

Jean Glasser

Barbara Gobar

Celia Golden

Stacie Grant

Garrett Grialou

Nanci Grialou

Chuck Grieve

Linda Henn

Sonia Heredia

Ruha Heydari

Patti Hickle

Kate and Jens Hoj

Jackie Howard

George Huff

Michele Huff

Nancy Jenks

Brian Kaplan

Stacey Kaplan

Kim Kisner

Deanne LaRue

Marjan LaRue

Nina Lococo

Rodney Loo

Lisa Lord

Carl Lundgren

Karla Mahar

Liz Marks

Julie Martel

Larry Mazzotta

Gail McAllister

Cherie McCoy

Peggy McGill

John Meisenbach

Sabrina Miller

Tom and Susan Monahan

Jeannie Mullen

Morgan Mutscheller

Chris Nelson

Mike Nolan

Jolenne O'meara

John Ordway

Lesleigh Ordway

Catherine Pace

Gail Patterson

Tammy Pedersen

Marcie and Bobby Phares

Tony Porter

Patty Ravetti

Sarnia Robson

Barbara Rowe

Gustavo Ruano

Andrea Salmi

Sheri and Howard Shultz

Larry Smith

Mike Smylie

Betsy Snyder

Devony Sonett

Jonathan Sonett

Shannon Stalone

Art Thomas

Mike Thomas

Jeanine Thompson

Alexandra Treene

Tracy Vuong

Nancy Walker

Bob Wallace

Cynthia Weldon

Linda Westerheide

Jorg Westerheide

Susan Whittom

Tammy and Shannon Williams

Betsy Zimmermann

We could not do it without these organizations, that have come alongside us to support the work at Hamilton School.

Partnerships and Sponsors

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