Our mission at RISE is to empower students at Hamilton School to realize their full personal and academic potential by providing them with an array of targeted and thoughtful curricular and co-curricular opportunities that support the development of a growth mindset, a positive attitude, and high achievement. 

The Issue

 The majority of Hamilton K-8 students are not realizing their full potential.

In 2019, 75% of Hamilton Students from Low Income families did not meet California Math Standards.  In addition 71% of these same students did not meet California English Standards. *

Test scores and academic achievement is expected to decline even further this year due to the teaching and learning constraints of COVID-19.

Without a solid foundation, these students are not prepared to succeed at the high school level.


The Cause

The reasons for underperformance are many and varied, including:

Limited access to opportunity

Everyday stresses experienced in predominantly low-income environments

Vast underfunding

Large class sizes

A wide range of student readiness

Our Response

We believe in the potential of every student at Hamilton School.

Opportunity to learn and outside of the classroom is missing from the lives of most Hamilton students.  While many Marin students have access to extracurriculars that enhance their learning and development (like sports, music, tutoring, travel, chess, coding, acting, or summer enrichment), Hamilton students have little to no program opportunities.  We call this the Opportunity GAP.

RISE is committed to addressing this Opportunity Gap by creating equitable opportunities for the students at Hamilton. By providing targeted and thoughtful curricular and co-curricular opportunities, RISE hopes to help these students choose their own life path and take ownership of their potential to thrive.  

RISE Programs creating opportunity

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar