This summer program supplemented the math, science, and reading skills of our students and sparked an interest with robotics, coding, stem challenges, chess, public speaking, art, athletics, maker lab, cooking, environmental science and more for 100 of our 5-8 grade students at Hamilton. Often times folks will tell us that our students are fortunate because even though many live in low income households, they are in the middle of a wealthy county and by virtue of that the schools are good.  The answer to this is complicated. Yes, it is true that the schools are good, however, often times it is even more difficult for our kids as they matriculate to high school because they leave the supportive and nurturing environment of Hamilton to compete with kids that have had academic and athletic supplemental training since they were as young as 3.  There is no way to compete with this unless we provide them with something similar. Many Marin County families participate in academic and athletic programs and activities during the summer. Our kids do not. Many of our kids are home alone playing video games and watching television. If they are too young to stay home alone they often will accompany their parent to work and wait until they are finished. 


We contracted with Bay Area Community Resources to provide this program.  They are a non profit organization in San Rafael that provides after school and summer enrichment for over 30 public schools in the bay area and have had great success with their students. You can review their program at

Thanks to the support of may, we were able to create and fund an academic summer program for 100 of our 5th-8th grade students at Hamilton. It has been a great success.


26 Wildwood Way, San Rafael, CA  94901