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Interventional Tutoring Programs

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Currently, too many of our Hamilton students do not meet grade level standards in math and reading. In response, we have launched two interventional tutoring programs: RISE in Reading and RISE in Math. The programs primarily serve 2nd and 3rd grade students who are below or far below grade level at the start of the school year. We target these grades, because many studies show that the opportunities for students to gain proficiency in foundational reading and math skills decreases markedly after the end of 3rd grade. Our tutors and school aides also utilize our RISE in Math program to work with 4th through 7th graders who are 1-4 years behind grade level in math.

Our programs already are proving very successful! Last year, 92% of our 26 RISE students reached grade level. This year, 93% of our 75 students are on track to reach grade level by year-end. Our tutors report that changing their students’ lives is changing their own. The teachers tell us that they see the RISE students not only making academic progress, but becoming more self-confident and more independent learners. The students regularly RUN to the RISE Clinic, saying it’s the best part of their week!  

The primary elements of our success are individualized attention, specialized curricula, and ongoing tutor training/support. We pair each student with a trained and caring adult volunteer, who starts the student where they are. The tutor walks their student step-by-step through a sequenced curriculum that identifies and fills in the gaps in the student’s learning. The tutor/student pair meet one morning a week in an inviting classroom, where a trained educator provides support to the tutors and students. 

Won’t you join our tutoring team? The more tutors we have, the more students we can serve.


If you have interest or questions we’d love to hear from you. Please email Gail McCallister at

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