Interventional Tutoring Programs

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Currently, 67% of our Hamilton students do not meet grade level reading standards and 80% do not meet math standards. The Hamilton community wants more and better for our kids! RISE’s response is to bring two interventional tutoring programs, RISE in Reading and RISE in Math, to our struggling students in the second and third grades. Many studies show that after the end of third grade, the opportunities for students to gain proficiency in foundational reading and math skills decreases markedly. We have modeled our programs on the successful interventional tutoring programs that the non-profit Children Rising Inc. has developed over the past 15 years to serve low-income students at Oakland schools.


Our strategy for success involves a screened, trained, committed adult volunteer working one-on-one with a student who is 1-2 years behind in reading or math. The tutor/student pair meets for two hours one morning a week throughout the school year, in a small group clinic at a dedicated classroom on campus, which a trained educator oversees. The tutor, who receives initial and ongoing training, starts the student at their current reading or math level and guides them at their own pace, step-by-step, through a specialized proven curriculum, while consistently giving the student focused attention and encouragement. The results are that students progress to grade level by year-end and become more engaged learners. And our tutors change lives, while changing their own.


RISE in Reading, which launched last October, already is a success by all measures (which we will post on March 14th). We expect the same for RISE in Math, which will launch late September 2022.


Won’t you join us as a tutor? We train you and support you and your student every step of the way! If you are interested, please contact Amy Wilcox at

Please take a moment to view the video and see what our students have to say!

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