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Hamilton School and The Pacific Institute


We talk a lot about mindset.  We do this because having a fixed mindset can greatly diminish an individual’s ability to reach their full potential.  This is even more true for children living in poverty. They often do not envision academic or athletic success for themselves.  We are hoping that through the mentor program and other programs that Hamilton is implementing that this will change and these kids will envision great things for their life.  


One of the exciting things we have done is brought a program called Pacific Institute to Hamilton School. Through a generous donation and the help of The Pacific Institute, all of our mentors and the faculty/staff at Hamilton have had the opportunity to go through the Excellence in Thought Patterns program. Pacific Institute believes that "People have an unlimited capacity for growth and change.  They specialize in helping students and educators learn how their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors can support or inhibit positive outcomes in their lives. They help adults in their conversations with the students, helping them change some of their negative self talk and creating a more exciting vision for their future.  It is our goal to also bring this program directly to the students.  This program has helped the mentors and the staff/faculty in working with the students at Hamilton School.  It has also directly impacted the lives of the individuals who were able to participate.

We are working on bringing this program back to Hamilton in the fall of 2018.  If you are interested in learning more about The Pacific Institute simply click on the logo to be directed to their website.  

The Pacific Institute produces life inspiring emails called the Winner's Circle.  Click on the button to be directed to the most current emails. You can also sign up to receive these emails directly on their website.

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